While we on the East Coast are suffering from temperatures in the 30s and a biting wind yesterday, the Obamas are enjoying beautiful Oahu, releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean. This year, the president and his family are renting a different home than the one they’ve rented in previous years.

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The home is just down the street from the the one they had rented since 2008. That one is a five-bedroom estate centered on a pool/lagoon in the entryway and a sprawling lanai with ocean views out back.

“The first family wanted to use our home this season, however, we were unable to accommodate them as my family is here,” owner Glenn L.Weinberg, wrote us in an e-mail from Hawaii.

The multimillion-dollar home they are renting this year features a similar pool and jacuzzi at the entrance and breathtaking views of the Pacific. The five-bedroom house offers close proximity to one of Hawaii’s best beaches, as well as the U.S. Marine Corps base where Obama likes to work out.

According to local real estate agent David Dunham, the property where the Obamas are staying was recently constructed and finished with bamboo ceilings and Asian-influenced design elements.

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HANDOUT PHOTO: The pool cabana at the Obamas’ vacation home in Oahu. (Photo by David Dunham)

The Obamas’ vacation home this year is 6,000 square feet with an inner courtyard, similar to the house they rented before, an outdoor kitchen and a wide green lawn that leads to the beach below. The Kailua location works well, not only because of its great beach location, but “security-wise, he can get on and off the base without disrupting traffic,” Dunham said. “It just works out because it’s a peninsula.”

Dunham said the locals are enjoying the president’s visit; he caught a glimpse of the family out on a hike Wednesday.

And, Obama’s casa could be su casa! Dunham said the property will be put up for sale after the president’s visit, listed at $7.9 million.

If that price is too high, Obama’s usual place can be rented for about $3,500 per day (seven-day minimum), depending on the season.

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HANDOUT PHOTO: The living room in the Obama's vacation home in Oahu. (Photo by David Dunham)