Egyptian security forces stormed a sit-in outside the Cabinet building in Cairo early Friday, using water cannons and then rocks against demonstrators, The Post’s Leila Fadel reports. Nearly 100 people were injured.

A graphic photo of a protesters severely beaten and allegedly tortured by police. (YouTube)

On Twitter, Egyptians shared news of the conflict using the hashtag #OccupyCabinet, a nod to fellow protesters stateside. Many of the tweets included reports of food poisoning among the protesters, which activists say occurred after contaminated sandwiches were handed out by “anonymous volunteers.”

The following video purportedly shows police throwing glass and stones at the protesters, although it also appears protesters are doing the same:

A video of the clashes, via The Arabist, shows both police and protesters are throwing rocks:

In this video from Egyptian news site al-Masry al-Youm, soldiers throw rocks into the crowds of protesters: 

The clashes follow two peaceful days of voting. While the country is participating in the freest and fairest election in the country's modern history, many Egyptians are unhappy with the practices they say military leaders have continued from the regime protesters toppled in February.

The Post’s Leila Fadel was on the scene and tweeting:

Military police chase protesters through qasr al aini. Beat protesters used batons on young woman.Fri Dec 16 09:42:53 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Leila Fadel

Men carrying wounded protester away from military. He’s screaming.Fri Dec 16 09:44:52 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Leila Fadel

Protesters throwing rocks at military police to push them back. Fallen back, running away.Fri Dec 16 09:46:41 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Leila Fadel

Ghada Kamal, 28, tried to stop military from hitting protester. They beat her. Her brother is carrying her purse, she was taken by mltry.Fri Dec 16 09:52:24 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Leila Fadel

”The army and the police are Mubarak and the people pay the price,” 50-yr old protester says.Fri Dec 16 09:58:42 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Leila Fadel

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