In the two weeks since the New York Police Department cleared New York’s Zuccotti Park of its camping protesters, the Occupy Wall Street movement has increasingly turned its attention to Washington. Last week, some 50 marchers arrived at McPherson Square from New York and then marched on the Capitol. Yesterday, Occupy DC targeted congressional Democrats at a campaign fundraiser. Now, protesters say they plan to Occupy Congress on Jan. 17, in the “largest Occupy protest ever!

(Michael Adams)

A Puerto Rican student wrote on Twitter that she hoped they could Occupy the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and Supreme Court, too.

When organizers asked on Facebook what “unified message” they should all bring to Congress, commenter Donna Hebert wrote:“End corporate personhood. Term limits in congress (3 in house, 1 in senate)... End salary or health insurance tenure. Reform campaign finance to end corporate/pac donations.” Within minutes, the comment had nearly a dozen likes.

Although branded by some as a liberal movement, Occupy has repeatedly stated that it does not ally with any political party, and will take aim at the Democrats as well as Republicans when it Occupies Congress in January.