(Occupy Wall Street)

From reports on Twitter, protesters blocked employees from going to work this morning, linking arms across streets. It may have the reverse effect the groups desire. People have started to complain on social media sites that the protests are not hurting the 1%, but the 99% who need to get to work on time and keep their jobs.

Many of the large banks the Occupy movement complains about do not have office buildings in downtown New York. “Off the top of my head, two businesses on blockaded Beaver St: a historic preservation firm and an international human rights NGO,” Matt Peterson, an editor at World Politics Review writes.

The police have started arresting protesters, including a retired police officer from Philadelphia, the Village Voice’s Nick Pinto reports.

Protesters plan to hold events at subway stations across the city at 3 p.m., then gather at Foley Square at 5 before marching across the bridges of Lower Manhattan.

We’ll be following along with the protests here as they develop.

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Here’s a live stream filmed by the “Other 99.” They are not affiliated with The Washington Post: