When the Post followed up an evening of violent rioting at Occupy Oakland by publishing a photo of a friendly Oakland police officer petting a kitten (see below) in our print paper, we took a lot of flak.

(Washington Post)

At the time, our photo editor Carol McKaye explained that we had chosen the photo because images of the late-night clashes hadn’t come in over the wires before the print deadline passed. Nevertheless, the criticism kept rolling in — the Washington City Paper ran a headline, “Oakland police loves kittens, teargas,” Huffington Post said we “zigged where others zagged,” Boing Boing declared “Let slip the kittens of war!” and the Daily What called the photo the “99 purrcenter of the day.”

Well, all you snarky bloggers, we’ve finally found our rebuttal. In footage that has just emerged, a friendly NYPD officer at the Occupy Wall Street protests encourages her horse to play with a tiny, sweater-clad dog.

(Image via YouTube)