After a winter lull at Occupy camps around the country, protesters in Oakland, Calif., Washington D.C. and New York City appear to be gearing up for another fight as spring temperatures are on the horizon.

Police move in on Occupy Oakland protesters Saturday. (Jand Tyska/AP)

Protesters threw rocks and bottles, while police used tear gas to subdue them, the Associated Press reports. The clashes left City Hall’s glass cases smashed, walls graffitied, a historic scale model destroyed, and an American flag burned, NBC reports.

More than 400 people were arrested on charges including vandalism and failure to disperse. One protester and at least three officers were injured.

Watch raw video of Saturday’s clashes:

Protesters quickly decried what they said was police brutality, and organized a day of action against the arrests for Feb. 6.

Oakland has been the site of the most violent protests in the Occupy movement, including a clash in October, when a former Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, was critically injured during a demonstration, possibly by a tear gas canister thrown by police.

In New York City, demonstrators marched Sunday in support of Occupy Oakland, saying they were “going to get the backs of our brothers and sisters in the Bay Area.” Some 300 people marched from Washington Square Park to Fifth Avenue, New York Magazine reports.

Tensions rose Monday in Washington, too, where Occupy DC protesters faced a noon deadline to stop camping out in the city’s McPherson Square.

On Sunday, D.C. protesters complained about excessive force by police after a protester was subdued with an electric shock. The protester known as Lash was tased by police after he confronted them and told them to stop passing out fliers warning of the Monday eviction. Protesters said Lash had been handcuffed by police when police stunned him, but video of the incident suggests he was not:

The Post’s Margaret Fazeli Fard, who is at McPherson Square, tweeted as the eviction loomed: “Graffiti covers many of the eviction notices posted around the square: ‘Not happening’ and ‘F*** off’ are scribbled on the notices.”

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