Kayvan Sabeghi, 32, an Iraq war veteran, was beaten by police and arrested at an Occupy Oakland protest earlier this month, and now the Guardian, a British newspaper, has posted video of the incident.

The video shows police advancing on a man, whom the Guardian identified as Sabeghi. At one point in the video, he salutes. One officer comes up to Sabeghi and tells him to “get out of here.” Sabeghi is walking backward, away from the line, and then stops. The officer grabs him, then starts beating him with a baton and tells him to get down on the ground. Sabeghi goes to the ground as someone yells, “Stop.”

On Nov. 5, the Associated Press reported that a friend, Esther Goodstal, said Sabeghi wasn’t part of the demonstrations at the time. Sabeghi had surgery for a lacerated spleen but “was in mostly good spirits,” Goodstal said.

Goodstal told the AP that Sagebhi was trying to walk home from dinner late Nov. 2 or early Nov. 3 and was near his apartment when he met the line of police. He was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest, the AP said.

The Guardian reported that the incident was recorded by Neil Rivas, who called it “uncalled for.”

Caution: The video contains strong language.

Another veteran, Scott Olsen, was also injured in an Occupy Oakland clash with the police. Earlier this week, he updated people on his recovery.

(Note: The Guardian is spelling his last name Sabehgi, but a public records search indicates that Sabeghi is the proper spelling.)

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