Compared with many of the other Occupy protests around the country, the Occupy San Diego protest has been a small, under-noticed outlier of only a few dozen people camped out in the downtown area. Little national attention went to the arrests in October of 51 men and women after the encampment was raided and torn down.

San Diego police officers haul off Occupy San Diego protesters as they remove tents and structures from the Civic Center Plaza, Oct. 14. (Gregory Bull/AP)

That may change. The sherrif’s department acknowledged that while in custody, some of the protesters had to relieve themselves — on themselves. The San Diego City Beat reports that the sherrif’s department released a statement saying that after the arrests on Oct. 28, protesters were detained in a police vans with no access to the bathrooms. The statement said, “This unfortunate result is very unusual and it is currently being reviewed.”

In an earlier report on San Diego City Beat, the arrestees said that they were held in the vans from four to eight hours and that the police told them to relieve themselves on the bus.

Meanwhile, protesters in Berekley clashed with police in two confrontations Wednesday when students attempted to set up an encampment on campus. See a video of one clash below: