In a scene reminiscent of when the private owners of New York’s Zuccotti Park canceled the street cleaning meant to evict Occupy Wall Street protesters earlier this month, San Francisco police who said they would evict protesters from a plaza this morning for cleaning never followed through.

Occupy San Francisco protesters brace for the police raid at Justin Herman Plaza on Thursday. (Stephen Lam/Reuters)

But a few hours later, police disappeared, saying they had called off the raid, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. When protesters, who had been gearing up for a tense standoff, heard the news, some crawled back into their sleeping bags to sleep.

One protester tweeted:

Mayor Ed Lee, who is campaigning for reelection, has said the camp needs to shut down if it becomes a hazard to protesters or residents.

A group of protesters from Oakland who tried to board the public BART trains to join Occupy San Francisco were blocked by police, the Oakland Tribune reported.

On Tuesday night in Oakland, several people were injured and more than 100 arrested after a confrontation between police and protesters turned violent.