Occupy Wall Street protesters are calling off or postponing a trip to Egypt planned to show “solidarity” with their fellow protesters, citing the energy needed to deal with their eviction from Zuccotti Park and safety concerns in Egypt.

A message scrawled on a food truck in New York. (Image via Flickr user Gruntzooki )

Egypt’s and Wall Street’s protesters have worked hand in hand since the start of the Occupy movement, with a key activist behind Egypt’s revolution, Ahmed Maher, even visiting Occupy recently to give his “brothers” practical advice. “We talk on the Internet about what happened in Egypt, about our structure, about our organization, how to organize a flash mob, how to organize a sit-in,” Maher told the Danger Room blog in October. And “how to be nonviolent with police.”

When police brutality was reported at Occupy Oakland late last month, Egyptians marched from Tahrir Square to show their support.

So it makes sense that Occupy protesters would have a trip planned to Egypt, and they even secured $3,000 from Occupy’s General Assembly to do so.

But as the violence in Egypt intensified this week, the trip became more and more untenable. As The Atlantic Wire points out, the arrest yesterday of three college students for throwing Molotov cocktails only added to the Egyptian military council’s claims that “foreign agitators” were behind the unrest. Not exactly the best time to send in the Occupiers.