The Occupy protests have been nothing but bad PR for police (excepting Rick, for Occupy hipster cop), and two new videos from New York’s protests have only made it look worse for the boys in the blue.

A New York police officer tears paper hearts made by children off of a fence in front of City Hall. (YouTube)

Watch the videos:

Police start ripping up the hearts at the 3:20 minute mark:

Police begin blocking Stolarki at the 2 minute mark:

But as many have pointed out, videos of police behaving badly at the protests have only caused the Occupy movement to grow larger. Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, told AlterNet that cameras have become an essential part of the activists’ strategy. We “encourage everyone to get out there with their cameras .... Let the cops push you around, let them slap you, let them arrest you, but it’s absolutely crucial to get your cameras out there. Because all the lawsuits we can bring, which we should resolve five years from now, won’t make the same difference as putting that stuff on YouTube and the evening news will do.”

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