Zuccotti Park is photographed after the New York Police Department executed an early morning eviction. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Occupy The Highway protester Michael Glazer says he has seen it all at Zuccotti Park. But he wasn’t around for the latest standoff between police and protesters. Now, he’s worried about what he says is his missing “Torah.”

Before Glazer set out to march from New York City to Washington, D.C., he was based out of the privately owned park. Among the possessions that the unemployed actor brought with him from Chicago to New York was his Tanakh, a Jewish holy book that contains texts like the Torah.

To ensure a light load for the march ahead, Glazer, who’s Jewish, decided to leave the religious text at Occupy Wall Street. He stashed it in a backpack at the Comfort Tent and left it in the care of those he trusted.

When the NYPD cleared the park early Tuesday morning and evicted protesters, Glazer’s Tanakh, along with a typewriter and other books owned by protesters, were seized by police.

While the whereabouts of Glazer’s Tanakh are unclear, police have since said that protesters may reclaim seized property Wednesday at the 57th street Sanitation Garage.

Below is video of Glazer filing a complaint with the NYPD.