During one of the last shows of her final season, Oprah tells the crowd that she is taking them all to “AUSTRALIAAAA!!!” (Screengrab from YouTube.com)

But Oprah has always been easy to parody, with her larger-than-life persona, public issues with weight, voice-of-god vocal style, and ever-changing could-it-really-be-weave hair.

Her episodes are also great comedic fodder. The “Oprah's Favorite Things,” the constant urgings to channel greatness and find the best inside, and the star-studded, celebrity-praising show format are all easy to laugh at.

Or we might just be jealous. Oprah is insanely rich, an attention-magnet, and she hob-nobs with the world's wealthiest and most influential. She nearly anointed a U.S. president in 2008. Whose antics to better parody?

And let’s not forget her fans, who provide endless entertainment with their tears, screams, fainting, and Oprah-worship.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest Oprah parodies, memes, videos and photos we’ve found.

First, the real “AUSTRALIAAAA!!!” episode:

And then watch Comedian Kathy Griffin’s impression of the Australia episode on Jimmy Kimmel:

(Screengrab from Faces of the Last Season of Oprah blog )

The Faces of the Last Season of Oprah blog chronicles the best of Oprah fans and their faces.

Some fans are so devout they even dream of Oprafy-ing themselves by trying on her hair.

Others get hysterical and have meltdowns.

(Screengrab from Faces of the Last Season of Oprah blog )

Mad TV has had a field day with Oprah over the years, with actress Debra Wilson impersonating Oprah’s ticks, body movements and voice to a T. In this video, Wilson parodies Oprah’s tendency to toss money at fans, and a fan calls Oprah her “hope-rah”:

Mad TV also did many an impression of Oprah’s protege, Dr. Phil:

And don’t forget the hilarious “Okrah” skit, with Kel from Nickelodeon’s show All That:

U.S. presidents have been a big part of Oprah memes, including this photo of President Bush kissing Oprah, and the below photo of Oprah hugging Obama:

(Screengrab from Random Overload )

Does Oprah make you laugh? Tell us why.