Update: CBS reports the White House has decided against releasing the photographs.

While the White House debates publishing the “gruesome” photographs of Osama bin Laden after his death, the demand for those images still grows. If nothing else, the rampant spread of a virus on Facebook proves just how many people want to click on the link that purports to take the viewer to must-see pictures that “will leave you speechless.”

It’s not the only virus linked to Osama bin Laden’s name. There are e-mails ricocheting around the Web using bin Laden photos and videos as bait too. PC World advises people to skip any e-mails that ask you to enter information, or Facebook links that ask you to take a survey. Otherwise, you could “risk infection by Trojan software applications designed to infect your PC and monitor your online banking activity,” Ian Paul writes on the technology site.

The Web security company Symantec says scams using “Osama dead” have been around the Web since at least 2004 and that the viruses will likely rise in number over the next few days.

My advice? Watch the Washington Post Web site. We’ll let you know as soon as the images are released.