People gather outside the compound in which bin Laden was shot. (Screengrab/Via ABC news reporter Nick Schifrin )

Abbottabad has always attracted vacationers with its stunning mountain views, swinging bridge, cricket stadium, cool temperatures while the rest of the country is hot, and a location along the Karakoram Highway that follows the path of the ancient silk road. It has also been known for its high-level educational institutions and Pakistan Military Academy.

But bin Laden’s death has put Abbottabad firmly on the map.

The classic picture of bin Laden has him hiding out in a cave or hole in the ground impossible to locate. Instead, he had been “hiding in plain sight” in a $1 million compound in what is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Pakistan.

A reviewer of the compound on Google Maps summed up the status of the property well: “I heard that this place is now available (prior residents left suddenly and unexpectedly).”