The 2012 Oscar winners were, in large part, not very American.

Jean Dujardin holds Uggie after accepting the Oscar for best picture for “The Artist.” (Mark J. Terrill/AP)

In the documentary category, the Oscar winner was a Pakistani film, “Saving Face,” about women in Pakistan who survive acid attacks based on revenge. And the foreign film winner, Iran’s “A Separation,” won despite its condemnation from film censors back home. Millions of Iranians stayed up all night in the Islamic Republic to watch the film’s director receive the award, according to the Guardian.

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What’s getting hacked of the morning:

WikiLeaks publishes security think tank e-mails. In partnership with the hacker group Anonymous, WikiLeaks began publishing more than five million e-mails from Stratfor Monday. (Reuters)

But Anonymous can’t shut down the Internet. Their threats to do so have come from people who may not be even be members of the hactivist collective. (Bizcommunity)

Russia election unrest of the morning:

Tens of thousands of Russians protested against Putin in the capital Sunday, many of them joining hands along a a 10-mile stretch of roadway. The prime minister is widely expected to win in presidential elections next week. (Los Angeles Times)

Russia averts plot to assassinate Putin. The country’s secret service arrested two men in connection with a plot to kill him in Moscow. (AFP)

Protest news of the morning:

Protests over a Koran burning in Afghanistan continued for a sixth day Monday. A demonstrator was killed and several U.S. service members and Afghan police were wounded. (CNN)

Syrian activists protest constitutional referendum. Opposition groups said once again that a free and fair election cannot take place while the Syrian military continues to shell cities. (Al-Jazeera Stream)