Can this tone help you have an out-of-body experience?

This 10-second clip is too short to induce anything, but it’s a sample of Hemi-Sync, which reporter Theresa Vargas describes as an “audio technology based on the premise that certain tones can encourage the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize and move into different states of consciousness.”

Vargas listens to a Gateway Experience meditation in her sleeping chamber at the Monroe Institute. (Bonnie Jo Mount/WASHINGTON POST)

She explains: “Robert Monroe founded the Institute in 1978 and before his death wrote about his frequent out-of body experiences. By his estimates, 15 percent of participants would have an out-of-body experience. Over the last decades, about 30,000 people have attended programs the Institute and millions more have purchased Hemi-Sync compact discs to use at home.”

While Vargas and the others in the program underwent their sessions in private rooms, the Institute sometimes monitors participants in its lab to gather data. This video shows what the experience is like:


Vargas and most of her group did not end up having out-of-body experiences, but we want to know if you have -- share your thoughts in the comments below.