Surveillance video released by the Los Angeles County sheriff's office shows a chihuahua barking and jumping at a man holding a rifle during a robbery at a smoke shop in Altadena, Calif. (AP)

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s department released surveillance video showing the robbery and the dog’s daring attack in hopes of finding the two men responsible. Even though the pup thoroughly frightened the robbers, they did manage to get away with some cash.

Paco is well-known in the area, his owner Duane Deer said on “Good Morning America.” He spends his days wandering around the neighborhood and hanging out in different stores, Deer said. Eric Knight, the store’s owner, said he was “shocked” by the robbery in the usually safe neighborhood and by Paco’s super-dog behavior. Paco, however, looked completely bored by his heroism, opting to sleep during most of his interview.

Watch the moment below: