Pakistani protesters burn representation of the U.S flag to condemn U. S. drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas where al-Qaida and Taliban militants hiding along the Afghanistan border, in Multan Pakistan. (Khalid Tanveer/AP)

“We did not invite bin Laden to Pakistan,” he said. The Post’s Karin Bruilliard writes:

Gillani is the highest-level official in Pakistan’s weak, U.S.-backed civilian government to have spoken  publicly on bin Laden’s killing a week ago. He largely reiterated comments made previously by other government and military officials: that Pakistan’s chief spy agency had shared intelligence that led the U.S. commando team to bin Laden’s lair, that Pakistan is committed to fighting terrorism and that it viewed the American helicopter raid as a violation of its sovereignty.

He spoke in English, likely an indication that he wanted his words to be addressed to the Western world more than his countrymen, who predominantely speak Urdu.

Watch a short clip below:

Here's the full speech: