A soldier loyal to Ivory Coast presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara lies on a road as fighting flares across the country's main city Abidjan. U.N. and French helicopters attacked Laurent Gbagbo's last strongholds in Abidjan on Monday as forces loyal to Ouattara streamed into the city from the north. (Reuters/REUTERS)

John Steinbeck traveled only a little bit with Charley

The great novelist-turned-travel-writer, John Steinbeck may not have actually done much road-tripping for his American classic “Travels with Charley.” A new article in the magazine Reason posits that Steinbeck took liberty with his nonfiction writing. Even Steinbeck’s son questions the book’s truthiness. The New York Times reports:

Even Steinbeck’s son John said he was convinced that his father never talked to many of the people he wrote about, and added, “He just sat in his camper and wrote all that [expletive].”

Pandora under investigation for sharing location

Federal prosecuters in New Jersey are investigating if smartphone applications transmit data about their users without proper disclosure. A Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that 56 out of 101 tested smartphone applications reveal information, such as location, age and gender, to outside companies.

The investigation may not lead to any charges, but it again raises the spectre of one of the defining questions of the Internet age: are you comfortable exchanging ease and technology for private information?

Sleepless elite

Okay, this may not be the most important news story of the day, but it does engender great envy. “Short sleepers” only need a few hours of sleep each night to get by — without the help of coffee. [I write, gritting my teeth, wishing I had a fourth coffee of the morning to drink.]

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