Damaged vehicles pile up on the roadside after a landslide caused by heavy rains in Seoul. (AP)

If you think you’ve seen a downpour, consider this: Over a 40-hour period starting at midnight July 26, Seoul was inundated with 17.5 inches of rain, according to Bloomberg.

With the rain came barreling landslides in the city’s south and at a resort village east of the capital.

It’s been a scary few weeks for weather in South Korea, with 60 percent more rain this month than in the same period in July last year, and the most rain over a two-day period on record, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration.

And it’s not over yet. Weather officials say another 10 inches could fall through Friday in northern South Korea, including Seoul, AP reports.

A number of people caught the flooding and landslides on video tape, including this footage of a landslide hitting Seoul’s EBS Studios, an educational television and radio network. While in the middle of broadcasting the “Morning Special,” anchors felt a rumble they assumed to be thunder. Soon, they realized a landslide had occurred and evacuated the studio just before water and mud flowed through the building. Watch:

Another video captures some of the flooding in the Gangnam area of Seoul. The uploader writes: “I’ve been living in Seoul for 26 years, but never seen like this before. This Seocho town & Gang-nam area is comparatively well organized in Seoul but some public system are stopped such as drainage and even electricity. All of people and cars are stuck and suffered from this crazy rain here, so it must be huge disaster for other towns in Seoul.” Watch:

In this vide, city buses make futile attempts to drive through the flooding in Gwanak in southwest Seoul. Watch:

(Via Storyful.)