Paul Simon (Robert Clark/Watner Music)

The Post’s Joe Heim writes:

There is much else that feels prayerful on this album. A spirit­ual quest, perhaps spurred by thoughts of mortality, is evident in such songs as “Love & Blessings” and “Love and Hard Times.” On “Getting Ready for Christmas Day,” a pure expression of spirit­ual preparation, Simon alternates his verses with a recording of a rousing sermon from 1941 by the Rev. J.M. Gates and sets it to a swooshing electronic beat. The result is both old-timey and futuristic, and the sweep of the message seeps in. In a more mischievous fashion, Simon imagines his eternal reward on “The Afterlife,” a song that finds him in heaven’s waiting room, filling out forms and checking out the “girl over there with the sunshiny hair like a homecoming queen.”

Here’s the musician still fantastic after all these years: