The picture the Bronx Zoo’s Peahen has posted to its Twitter. (Courtesy Bronx Zoo’s Peahen Twitter)

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The Bronx Zoo just can’t catch a break — or its animals.

On Monday, a peahen escaped from the zoo, evading capture after two sightings. Just like her predecessor, the Bronx Zoo Cobra, she’s tweeting about her ad­ven­ture — “Just wandered into a flock of pigeons and they made me their queen. That's right, you little rats of the air, bow to me.” — but is being very careful to keep her location a secret.

While the zoo has stated the escape of their free-ranging birds happens from time to time, the peahen now follows in the famous footsteps (or slithers?) of the cobra, who enjoyed a few terrifying days of freedom from its exhibit in April before being found in the reptile house.

So what is it about the Bronx Zoo that makes not one, but two animals escape? I’ve got my own (ridiculous) theories.

1) Central Park Zoo is the place to be: The Bronx Zoo is a really great place. I mean, it’s got almost five stars on Yelp. But maybe these escapees have seen too many episodes of “Sex and the City” and think they’d be better suited at a zoo in Manhattan. The cobra did tweet that he went on the show’s bus tour: “I'm totally a SSSamantha”

2) They’re actually comedians: The Twitter accounts of both the cobra and the peahen prove they’re pretty funny. Take this exchange between the two, for example:

Seriously, peacock!? We agreed we’d go tomorrow at dawn! RT @nydailynews: Female peacock escapes from Bronx Zoo than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyBronx Zoo’s Cobra

@BronxZoosCobra How could I be sure you wouldn’t eat me once we were on the outs? #yougottadowhatyougottadoless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyBronx Zoo’s Peahen

There’s a Facebook campaign for the cobra to host “Saturday Night Live” and he’s already made an appearance on Weekend Update. But I think these two should be hired as writers. They would certainly be an improvement.

3) Where’s the love?: Tigers, Zebras, the Gorilla Forest: these are the things people really want to see at the zoo. So how can a cobra and a peahen get a little respect? These stunts seem like a pretty good idea. The cobra’s disappearance was front-page news and its Twitter currently has over 242,000 followers. Not bad for a reptile.