Recreation of Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks": Would that be "Nightpeeps"? (James M. Thresher/The Washington Post)

The ooey-gooey-sugary-sweet Peeps have a special place in The Washington Post’s newsroom. Not only do we regularly risk cavities for the treat, they’re also one of our most loved interactions with the community in the Great Peeps Contest held every spring.

It’s goofy. It’s silly. It’s also a practically perfect creative pursuit. The readers of The Post manage to take pink and yellow marshmallow puffs and turn them into art. I’m not kidding. Here are a few of my favorite Peeps of contests past to get you ready for the Easter holiday.

And if these photos don’t satiate your sweet Peep tooth, check out the full gallery of this year’s submissions.

*Befuddled by my headline? Listen to this.

M.C. Escher Peeps. (James M. Thresher/The Washington Post)