(Chiwi Giambirtone /Reuters)

WORLD: Chilean volcano blankets Argentina in ash

In the photograph above, divers of the Prefectura Naval Argentina inspect the Rio Limay. The lake has been covered with ash after Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano chain erupted and caused days of chaos. Andean towns are covered in a thick, ashed blanket that is disrupting water and power supplies.

NATIONAL: Weiner resigns amid circus-like scene

After the sex scandal that involved no sexual contact, Anthony Weiner announced his resignation on Thursday amid lewd calls from the audience. In trying to make sense of Weiner’s decision, the New York Times opinion page asks: While Weiner resigned, Sen. David Vitter of Lousiana, a family-values Republican, who hired prostitutes and, in at least one instance, tried to book one while he was on the House floor, managed to withstand his public-relations storm. Not only did he not step down, Vitter was re-elected. What determines which politicians can stay and who will be forced to go?

NATIONAL: Second suspicious package in a week in Washington

A man was taken into custody at the Pentagon on Friday. Police worried about a vehicle near the Pentagon, but reported that nothing suspicious was found. This marks the second time in a week that Washington has undergone a terror scare. The Metro suffered delays after a package was thrown on the Red line earlier this week.

TECH: Google introuduces new search abilities

This has been a long time coming. Though TinEye already offers reverse image search, Google’s image search is very exciting: