Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways officials were left red-faced Thursday after it was discovered they had Photoshopped three officials into a typhoon cleanup photo.

A careful look at the images of the three officials shows they were likely dragged into the scene via Photoshop. (Image via Facebook)

In the cleanup photo, the three officials appeared to be assessing the damage of the typhoon, but one discerning blogger and civil engineer noticed that something didn’t seem quite right.

A careful look at the photo shows that the officials seem to be floating in mid-air, and that their images were likely dragged into the scene using Photoshop’s lasso tool.

The department has taken down the photos and issued an apology on its Facebook page:

We would like to apologize to Undersecretary Romeo Momo, Director Rey Tagudando and District Engineer Mikunug Macud for whatever inconvenience that may have caused them regarding the photo earlier posted. Rest assured that we shall exert more diligence and prudence in the execution of our mandate to inform the public of our plans, programs, projects and official activities.

Some have reacted to the photos in anger, including the blogger who discovered the fakery. Pierre San Diego wrote: “If there’s one thing I hate it’s people that fabricate their inspection reports... If the inspection report is erroneous, this might lead to a wrong and/or costly design... and worse, not prepare others from potential safety risks of the site.”

Scores of others took to chastising the officials in another way — by Photoshopping them into dozens of other photos where they didn’t belong. Below, a few of our favorite photos from what is now being called “The Great DPWH Photoshop Meme.”

What heroes:

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