Update: The correct answer to today’s question is Cologne, Germany, where thousands of padlocks are fixed by lovers at a fence on a train bridge over the Rhine.

Somewhere in the world, lovers take the idea of “love forever” so seriously that it is customary for them to engrave their names on a padlock and throw the key into a river.

Thousands of padlocks are fixed by lovers at a fence on a train bridge. (AP)

Although nobody knows exactly how this tradition began, some say it began in the Hungarian city of Pécs (no, that’s not where the photograph was shot). According to lore, in the early 1980s lovers began to clamp padlocks to a wrought-iron fence near the Pécs medieval cathedral and threw the key into a river to secure their love forever.

Who knew the key to a successful relationship lies in the bottom of some river?

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