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The organization dropped a clue on Twitter early Wednesday that “something amazing” was in store, and that something ended up being a human-sized pack of birth control pills dancing, Bollywood-style in a park.

Unlike others who write for this blog, I have no experience with India, so I can’t really comment on the quality of the music choice, the saris or the dancing. It all looked decently executed and like a joyful way to thank HSS to me.

I was just trying to figure out what Planned Parenthood was doing with its its unofficial mascot, “Pillamina,” (Update: I thought she was a tongue-in-cheek reference to a Catholic martyr, but Pillamina is actually a hat-tip to the show “Gossip Girl, according to spokesman Tait Sye.) What Pillamina’s doing gallavanting in a Bollywood setting is beyond me. Maybe it’s because “Bollywood” vaguely rhymes with “parenthood.” Maybe the 90’s Gap commercial swing dance montage fell through. Or maybe the crew had trouble procuring enough banjos for a hootenanny in the park.

I’m not the only one confused the by the theme choice. It was cheered on the group’s Facebook page — “Nice to see liberals still have a sense of humor!” — but debated on Twitter (see below). I suppose that if you’re going to dance around as a pill pack, Bollywood is as good of a way to go as any.

What was your reaction?

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Most. Amazing. Video. Ever!!