An airplane flying in from New York managed to land without any landing gear in Warsaw, Poland. All 230 people aboard the plane were reportedly safe after it touched down on the runway and skidded to a stop.

A LOT Polish airlines Boeing 767 flying from New York with 227 people on board makes an emergency landing at Warsaw's airport. (Wojtek Radwanski/AFP/Getty Images)

A video captured by Polish television cameras shows the plane landing without any wheels down, shooting up a stream of smoke and sparks. The plane reportedly flew in circles around the city of Warsaw to burn its excess fuel, reducing the likelihood of any fire upon touchdown. Crews raced to the plane with firehoses.

The plane, a Boeing 767, belonged to the Polish airline LOT. “All safety procedures worked perfectly fine and, thanks to this, nobody was injured,” Leszek Chorzewski, spokesman for LOT, told Reuters.

The news of the circling plane captivated Poland, as they followed its journey on Twitter. When the plane landed, Jerzy Buzek, the Polish president of the European parliment wrote, “The plane landed safely! Great relief... My heartiest congratulations!”

Other users congratulated the pilots for a successful emergency landing.

The Warsaw airport has shut down all outgoing flights, according to the Warsaw news channel TVN.