Crew members of space shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station. (NASA TV/REUTERS)

President Obama found a moment away from the debt ceiling negotiations in Washington on Friday to call the crews of the International Space Station and the space shuttle Atlantis, which began the final mission of NASA’s 30 year program last Friday.

“I always want to let everybody know how personally proud I am of you and the amazing feats you guys are accomplishing in space,” the president told the 10 astronauts.

The crew also received a wake-up call from Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles song, “Good Day Sunshine.”

“Wake up! And good luck on this, your last mission. Well done,” the music legend told the crew. REM’s “Man on the Moon” and Michael Stipe served as the crew’s alarm clock earlier this week, as did Elton John and “Rocket Man.”

The songs are picked by flight controllers and by friends and family of the crew, a tradition that dates back to the Gemini missions and the Apollo Program, according to NASA. You can see a list of the tunes picked for many of the shuttle missions here.

Watch the wakeup calls below: