Okay, so it wasn’t actually Obama tweeting, but a parody account called @BarackObama_AR, that has already shared about 1,000 tweets.

Some of the tweets are humorous, others serious (the account recently tweeted about the killings in Syria on Ramadan), but almost always they are about an issue important to the Middle East. Some 13,000 follow the account.

It’s not the first parody Arabic account for a president. @ArabicBush, thought not as popular, is equally as funny, tweeting today “@al_qaeda1 I am still following you.”

We’ve written about fake Twitter accounts on BlogPost before, including Osama bin Laden tweeting from the dead, designer Kenneth Cole, and even zoo animals running wild on the social network.

But the beauty of fake politicians’ accounts — which Melissa Bell warned of in 2009 — is that “mischievous Internet denizens” can use them to make usually stoic figures do whatever they want. And that can lead to real hilarity, such as when Obama tweets that Malia is teaching him about Ramadan fasting and cheese:

أخبرتني داليا أن هناك فتوى ببطلان الصيام في حال احتواء الفطار على جبنة روميرو والله أعلمless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Replyباراك حسين أوباما