Anti-American protests that began in Egypt and Libya earlier this week spread across the Muslim world Friday, with demonstrations at Western embassies in a number of cities from Khartoum to Jakarta.

The Atlantic Wire has this helpful map that tracks the protests across the Middle East and North Africa.

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According to updates on the death toll from Al Jazeera and AFP, two people have been killed in the embassy clashes in Tunisia, three in Sudan, two in Lebanon and two in Yemen.


Update: Bedouin Salafi gunmen attacked the Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping mission in the Sinai peninsula, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported. The MFO consists mostly of U.S. forces.

“Dozens of gunmen, in some 50 vehicles, surrounded the base and then 60-70 of them burst in, storming into the base amid heavy gunfire,” Times of Israel writes.

Earlier: Our correspondent Michael Birnbaum sent us this photo from Tahrir Square, where people are gathering to protest against the United States.

Protesters in Tahrir Square hold up an image of Osama bin Laden during an anti-American demonstration on Sept. 14, 2012. (Haitham Tabei)


Update: Video from the German embassy in Khartoum, where demonstrators overwhelmed police.

Update: The AP reports that Sudanese police have opened fire on protesters trying to climb the walls of the U.S. embassy in Khartoum

Earlier: Crowds climbed over the walls of the U.S. embassy compound in Khartoum in a protest and embassy guards fired warning shots, Reuters reported.

Protesters also attacked the German and British embassies in Sudan’s capital. Demonstrators started fires and tore down the German flag, raising an Islamist banner in its place, Al-Jazeera reported.Sudanese police reportedly deployed riot police to the U.S. embassy.


U.S. drones fly over Benghazi; cause airport to shut

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) September 14, 2012


Footage of the school burning in Tunis:

The poster, Brit Tunis, writes, “Please be aware, that the Islamists who attacked the embassy are NOT representative of the Tunisian people. They are a minority of extremists. They are Islamists and not the average citizen.”

The Associated Press reports that a cloud of black smoke is seen coming from the U.S. embassy compound in Tunis.

Demonstrators protest outside the U.S. embassy in Tunis, Sept.14, 2012 as police responded to protestors throwing stones with tear gas (Hassene Dridi/AP)

At least 5 protesters wounded by police gunfire near U.S. embassy in Tunis, large fire inside embassy compound

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) September 14, 2012


The Associated Press reported earlier that a top government cleric in Kashmir demanded all Americans leave region immediately, as thousands of Muslims protested by burning U.S. and Israeli flags in the Indian-administered region.

A Kashmiri Muslim with his face covered burns a mock Israeli flag during a protest in Srinagar, India, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012. (Dar Yasin/AP)



Police fired live rounds to disperse protesters in central Nigeria, the AP reported.

The demonstrators wore t-shirts that read “To Hell With America, To Hell With Israel,” and as they grew more agitated, soldiers fired assault rifles into the air to drive them away, the AP said.

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