Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s talents tend toward the uber-masculine: hang-gliding, horseback riding, judo wrestling and the like.

But among Russians, he’s also well-known for a softer skill: his public speaking.

The Moscow Times reports that Putin is consistently ranked by Russians as one of the best orators in the country, so much so that businessmen and other politicians, such as Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, attempt to emulate it .

People apparently admire his clear sentences, quick wit and ability to deliver speeches without a script.

"There is clear sentence structure [and] word emphasis and a skillful use of pauses. It's almost clean speech with a minimal amount of trashy words,” Russian rhetoric coach Dmitry Ustinov told the Moscow Times.

A new book, "Speak like Putin? Speak Better than Putin!" aims to explain and impart the Russian leader’s speaking style to government officials and business people.

For example, Putin’s speeches tend to refer to commonly-held beliefs, like this one:

“At a security conference in Munich, apparently referring to NATO's actions in the Middle East, Putin asked, ‘Why should we start bombing and shooting now at every available opportunity?’ Here, he uses the shared belief that conflicts can and should be solved through peaceful means, through negotiations and within the law,” author Valery Apanasik writes.

Now if only he could say it while harpooning a whale or scuba diving.

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