Papa John’s created a memorial pizza in honor of the Royal Wedding. (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Of the original dance video, in which a Minnesota couple had their entire wedding party enter the church to a boisterous musical number, the Post’s Sarah Kaufman wrote: “By dancing their entrances and sending that upbeat, physical energy right back out to their guests, the Peterson-Heinz wedding turns the rote behaviors into spontaneous reactions. Of course the guests watch attentively as the wedding party bobs in. You can bet not a single child had to be shushed at that point. This was no longer a display of bad posture and dyed-to-match pumps — it was an uplifting swell of celebration with a beat. The bride — unescorted, we note; so independent! — was and wasn't the center of attention. The true focus was on the unified, wordless but palpable emotions of her whole support system.”

Combine that joie de vivre with a family known best for marital strife and stiff upper lips and it’s comedic genius. It’s also, though, a reminder that media-sautered or not, there is something undeniably charming about the Royal Wedding. William and Kate have brought to their family a vivacity, imbuing it with youth and second chances. Here’s to tiny hats charging up the aisle: