Amber Hope, 24, of Pittsburgh, chants at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York while wearing body paint. Could protesters like her add a bit of color to the “Real World” series? (John Minchillo/AP)

Then you could be the latest cast member on the 27th season of that cultural touchstone the “Real World.” The New York Observer caught a Craigslist callout for possible applicants that said, “Part of Occupy Wall Street? Real World 27 Wants You!”

Production company Bunim-Murray has yet to confirm if this really is an audition for the show, but reality shows do tend to advertise for candidates on Craigslist, and “Real World 26” in San Diego is shaping up to be a total snore. The production company may just find the protests a way to revive the flagging series.

As for the protest participants: sure it’s a television show for a channel owned by a huge corporation, and sure, the “Real World” has devolved into the Jersey Shore’s less interesting older sister, but just imagine how cool the “Real World” tent at Zuccotti Park would be.