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No, we still haven’t found Martians, but scientists think we have struck water. New images taken of slopes in the southern hemisphere of the planet seem to show changes in tone that suggest water flowing on or just below the surface of Mars.

BUSINESS: Stock markets plunge around the world

Amid global fears stemming from the European financial crisis, markets around the world took a plunge. The Dow dropped 513 points. Pictured above, the Indian stockbroker’s fingers say it all.

WORLD: Syrians pour into street amid deadly siege

Despite a crackdown on protesters in Hama, which has killed at least four people Friday, activists say Syrians continue to pour into the streets to protest in the escalating uprising.

POLITICS: Mitt Romney’s mystery donation

A $1 million donation to a pro-Republican committee from a mysterious source has reignited the debate about transparency in presidential fundraising.

FAITH: Warren Jeffs convicted of child sexual assault

The leader of one of the most well-known polyigamist groups has been convicted of sexually assaulting two child brides. The conviction were based, in part, on his own meitculous records that showed he had 78 wives, in addition to his legal wife, and 24 of them were under the age of 17. Jeffs entered the enter Book of Mormon into testimony.