Tibetan Mastiff: Canine status symbol (Sasni/Creative Commons)

And now, a few nibbles to tide you over if you’re working through lunch:

Million-dollar dog a “perfect specimen.” A fluffy, red Tibetan mastiff is now the world’s most expensive dog. “Big Splash,” or “Hong Dog” in Chinese, sold in China for 10 million yuan, or $1.5 million. The pooch was sold to a coal baron and is a “perfect specimen” of a breed increasingly looked to as a status symbol in Asia, according to the seller.

Intergalactic garbage cleanup: In awesome science news, NASA wants to use lasers to shoot space debris threatening to collide with the space station. From Wired Science:

In the new study, the researchers suggest focusing a mid-powered laser through a telescope to shine on pieces of orbital debris that look like they’re on a collision course.

Soda bottle battle: The latest update in the marginally interesting one-upmanship battle between Pepsi and Coca-Cola is about bottles. GreenBiz reports that Pepsi will begin piloting completely plant-based bottles in 2012, since Coca-Cola’s PlantBottles are still 70 percent petroleum-based.

Boiled to perfection: As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Internet denizens appear to be searching for the perfect corned beef and cabbage recipe. Foodista has a history of the dish, here. The Post’s offering is cabbage with crispy bacon.