Netflix Doodles via Doodlers Anonymous. (JOVINO)

A price hike will begin for current customers Sept. 1 and will split its streaming and DVD services into two bundles, each for $7.99, instead of at the current combined cost of $9.99.

The change has brought on a hail of Twitter hatred, with folks lashing out with a “Dear Netflix” trending topic and RedBox jumping to the top of Google trends.

RedBox is the DVD rental service place in front of grocery stores across the country. As Matt Burns at TechCrunch writes, “Redbox is just as cheap and convenient and that’s all I care about anyway.”

Other companies, such as Hulu and Blockbuster Express started crawling up the searched terms list, indicating folks were beginning to seek new pastures for their movie-watching experiences.

Of course, it may not be in the best interest to switch for everyone. As The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama points out, Netflix still offers one of the best deals for streaming and one of the best libraries for video rentals.

The problem is that the sudden announcement generated a lot of noise really fast. Which got a lot of people thinking about their Netflix plan. I haven’t used my video rental in months. I’m not even sure where my last DVD is, exactly. Now that they’ve given me an option to switch to streaming only, I’ll take it. I save myself two dollars and Netflix a lot of lost DVDs.

Whether or not it was Netflix’s intention to give me more options and the company less money, my letter reads:

Dear Netflix, thank you! Signed, Melissa