In a new ad, Reporters Without Borders says, “Ban Journalist Hunting” (Image from Reporters Without Borders)

The nonprofit that advocates for freedom of the press has a new ad created by JWT Paris that displays a human head among other animals skins. Its tagline: Ban Journalist Hunting.

Reporters Without Borders made the ad to highlight the dangers faced by journalists around the globe, with 615 journalists killed since 2001. But a human head in a pink brocade room full of taxidermy? (Please also note the little stuffed chick on the side table.)

Three thoughts:

1. The ad comes across as being a plea for vegetarianism. It’s not a great ad when the wrong message comes through.

2. Are the countries in which journalists die really going to take this ad to heart? Pakistan, which killed the most journalists in both 2010 and 2011, has also failed to keep its creatures from disappearing at rapid rates due to hunting.

3. The man on the wall, looking very much of the part of a foreign correspondent, makes it seem as if foreign reporters are those most at risk of death in other countries. But numbers from the Committee to Protect Journalists show that 87 percent of reporters that have been killed since 1992 were local.

A request for comment from Reporters Without Borders was not immediately returned.

The post originally stated that 77 percent of reporters that have been killed since 1992 were local. The number is 87 percent. This version has been corrected.

(Via Anup.)