The very mention of Rick Perry’s name kick-starts a flurry of conversations for any number of reasons, the latest being that adversaries are trying to find people Perry’s slept with in hopes of a lurid tell-all. (See also: He’s denying man-made climate change, implying he’d rough up the Fed chairman and saying his HPV vaccine mandate for young women in Texas was a mistake.)

But there’s a small number of us — really, just two of us — who immediately think of one thing every time the name “Rick Perry” is mentioned: ’80s pop music.

It’s impossible to deny that Perry’s name sounds like the hair band love child of Journey’s Steve Perry and English musician Rick Astley, and this is something he should use to his advantage. (Suggestions include but are not limited to naming his 2012 campaign bus The Rick Roll, in honor of the Internet prank in which you replace a link of something you think one of your friends will actually want to see with a Rick Astley video.)

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It’s an absurd notion to be sure, but trust us when we say it’s only a matter of time until the Rick Perry Rick Roll happens. Rick Perry and the Internet cannot co-exist in a world where people “leisure dive” into swimming pools for fun, Richard Simmons planks and a cat made from a Pop Tart captivates people for hours.

We’re hoping someone with reasonable video-editing skills is reading this and sends us a masterpiece. In the meantime, this reel of Rick Perry campaign videos is already pretty priceless.

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