Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul from Texas. (Mike Carlson/AP)

Paul Krugman was not the only one stirring up trouble with a 9/11 blog. Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) wrote a blogpost on Sunday entitled, “Ask the right questions and face the truth.”

In it, the congressman said that the motivation for the attacks of 9/11 came not from a Muslim dislike of a Western way of life, but rather because the United States forcibly occupies foreign countries.

“If you were to imagine for a moment how you would feel if another country forcibly occupied the United States, had military bases and armed soldiers present in our hometowns, you might begin to understand why foreign occupation upsets people so much,” Paul wrote.

At Monday night’s GOP debate, Rick Santorum questioned Paul’s post and calling it irresponsible. “We were not attacked because of our actions,” Santorum said. “They want to kill us for who we are and what we stand for.”

Paul disagreed, saying that the so long as we believed that, we would remain in danger. While some in the audience applauded, others booed.