Qian Liu (AP)

One is the story of a college student in Toronto who was talking with her boyfriend in China over webcam when a 29-year-old man came into her room, attacked, and murdered her while her boyfriend watched helplessly.

The other is the indictment of a former Rutgers University student who secretly recorded his roommate having a sexual encounter with another man and streamed it over webcam. He was charged with committing a hate crime.

Tyler Clementi (Sam Fran Scavuzzo/AP)

The boyfriend of college student Liu Qian could do nothing to stop the man from attacking his girlfriend. He tried to reach Liu’s friends in Toronto, but by the time the police reached Liu, she was already dead.

Tyler Clementi was taped by his Rutgers roommate without his knowledge. The student who had entered college with hopes of playing in an elite campus orchestra could do nothing to prevent the livestream from being watched and sent around the whole campus.

Clementi jumped to his death off of the George Washington Bridge days after the secret taping.

There are other example of webcams crimes:

In 2010, a voyeur confined to a wheelchar hacked women’s computers and taped them unknowingly through their webcams as they showered, got dressed, or had sex.

In 2007, a child was molested by her grandfather as a couple in England watched over webcam.

Police have long warned that new technologies lead to new kinds of crimes — the webcam is no exception.