The men of Sachal Orchestra. (Image from Facebook)

Sachal Orchestra, a new jazz supergroup made up of Pakistan’s master musicians and the brainchild of U.K.-based investor, philanthropist and jazz fan Izzat Majeed, has just recorded the album of year.

Sachal Jazz: Interpretations of Jazz Standards & Bossa Nova,” is the first album by Sachal Orchestra and is already No. 1 on iTunes in the jazz genre.

The must-listen song is “Take Five,” a takeoff of Dave Brubeck’s classic with a Pakistani twist, recorded in Lahore:

Dave Brubeck has described their interpretation as “one of the most interesting recordings” of ”Take Five” he has ever heard.

It’s more than a song. Radio newsmagazine the World points out that classical musicians in Pakistan have been under-appreciated and under-recorded for years because of the rising popularity of religious and Pakistani and Indian film music.

Sachal Orchestra promises to change all that, using a sitar, tabla and violin.