Ever wonder what presidents say to one another behind closed doors? Now you know.

President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy speak at the G-20 summit. (Image via YouTube)

The report was posted in the French Web site Arrêt Sur Image Monday, which said the conversation started with President Obama chastising Sarkozy for not warning him France would vote in support of Palestinian membership in UNESCO. The report says neither president knew his microphone was still on.

While the conversation happened in a private room, several journalists reportedly heard the conversations because they plugged their own headphones into translation sets handed out to them. A staff member had reportedly explained to journalists that they weren’t getting headphones yet because it would allow journalists to listen in on the private conversation.

The Web site says reporters were asked to sign papers at the G-20 promising they wouldn’t leak the secret conversation. Several reporters confirmed the conversation to Arrêt Sur Image.