For the second day in a row, a protester in Saudi Arabia has been shot dead by security forces during demonstrations, the Lede blog reports, citing activists.


Video of the protester from that page shows Saad just before he died, as a group of men attempt to stop the bleeding. (WARNING: Graphic images inside.)

Three others were injured in the gunfire, Ahmed Hamad Al Rebh, 46, who maintains the Revolution East page, told the Lede.

On Thursday in Qatif, another man, identified as Muneer al-Meedani, was reportedly killed in clashes with the police. Three others were injured. Graphic video shows protesters trying to stop the bleeding from Meedani’s wounds, too.

A number of disturbing videos have emerged out of Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, including footage purporting to show the abuses happening inside Bremain prison, and protesters running for cover as gunfire sounds:

Saudi police confirmed that a man was killed Thursday, but said security forces had been attacked by masked men and were simply returning fire, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported.

Saudi blogger Ahmed Al-Omran didn’t buy this statement:

While Saudi Arabia has managed to squelch protests over political rights from spreading in the country, largely by spending billions on welfare, there are indications those efforts may no longer be working.

On the Revolution East page, activists said protests were planned for Qatif Saturday.