Photo via yfrog.

A month after Saudi computer technician Manal Al-Sharif was arrested and jailed for driving her car, women across the country are taking to the wheel despite a ban on driving and threats of violence.

“People are clearly driving. A number of women drove right past the police in Riyadh and the police did nothing,” Wajeha Al-Huwaidar, a prominent women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia said.

“It's hard to know what that means. Maybe the police have been told to stay calm for today only, or maybe the police have been told to let women drive. Either way it's a small but very good sign.”

Some women took video of themselves driving while others tweeted when they were going out.

This is said to be the first video of a woman driving Friday, north of Riyadh:

Women tweeted using the words WOMEN2DRIVE:

Going out now to drive with my brother. #ksa #Women2Driveless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet ReplySaudi woman

Thank you I’m not a hero I am just normal women Want to live freely Thanks again for support to me. #Women2Drive #SaudiWomenRevolutionless than a minute ago via Tweetbot for iPhone Favorite Retweet Replyنورا

Activists have set up a virtual driving school named after Manal Al-Sharif to encourage Saudi women to drive.

Some men are considering going out for a drive in women’s clothing to confuse the police, said, who has been working with the group Saudi Women for Driving.

Saudi Prince Khalid bin Alwaleed tweeted his support:

I’m all for #Saudi #women2drive on #June17 and I support the movement and #freedom of choice for my sisters in Saudi.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyKhaled bin Alwaleed