splashes their name across many of their videos. (Image from

Both of the leaks came from the same place, a niche video Web site called

The site is perplexing in that it is just as likely to feature news about the latest hip hop album as it is to post a random video — some of them NSFW, but most of it made up of the week’s YouTube favorites, such as the video of the bystanders who pushed a burning car off of a motorist.

World Star Hip Hop was in the news briefly in January when it got into hot water with rapper 50 Cent for splashing his photo all over its homepage. The rapper responded to what he said was copyright infringement by supposedly reporting the site to the Department of Homeland Security and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, as well as claiming to have the domain name seized.

But 50 Cent later backed down from his statements, saying “I didn’t shut them down... If I rob a bank I wouldn’t tell you I did.” World Star Hip Hop was soon back up and running, and the site’s CEO and owner, who goes by “Q”, blamed the outage on a server and other technical issues.

A request for comment by was not immediately returned, but if “Q” gets back to me, I’ll post his comments back here.

While the site’s videos used to get a measly thousand views, this week some garnered several million. And after the two back-to-back high profile leaks this week, one person on Reddit compared World Star Hip Hop with Wikileaks. Just a little less classy.