The Vermont ice cream store that has so much pun fun naming its ice cream flavors and often giving tribute to famous folk has created a new line for a limited run.

This one pays homage to NPR, Alec Baldwin and subversive play on words. Called Schweddy Balls, the mix of rum balls and malt balls in vanilla ice cream, refers to a parody Baldwin performed during a 1998 guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

As NPR reports, “In case you don't get the reference, the skit is a hilarious commentary on NPR’s, um, uniquely soothing sound. Baldwin plays Pete Schweddy, a guest on a fake NPR show called ‘Delicious Dish.’ Pete makes holiday treats like cheese balls, popcorn balls, rum balls and his famous Schweddy balls. The skit is an exercise in double entendres.”

Baldwin greeted the news on Twitter with pride: “Trending WORLDWIDE!!! SCHWEDDY BALLS!!”

Enjoy the skit, which also features former SNL cast members Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannnon: