Lauren Spierer has been missing since Friday. (By Jeremy Hogan/Associated Press)

Friends and family were left with little information about her disappearance — Spierer was last seen walking in the street, without her shoes or cellphone, around 4 a.m.

Women go missing, and only sometimes can it be called national news. But more often than not, women go missing for months without anyone ever knowing who they are.

In Spierer’s case, her story will go viral before she becomes a household name.

Within days of her disappearance, people searching for Spierer turned to social media to help find answers. In what might’ve once been a milk carton photo or a sign posted to a community bulletin board, Twitter users — including high-profile individuals such as Alyssa Milano and Ryan Seacrest — are circulating her photo. Others are sharing this virtual poster on photo sharing site Twitpic.

More than 70,000 people have RSVP’d to a Facebook event titled “URGENT! Please help spread the word about Lauren Spierer’s disappearance!” An additional 11,000 have joined a group, “Help Find Lauren Spierer — Missing from Indiana University.” A Twitter feed, @NewsOnLaurenS, holds vigil as supporters reach out to media outlets, tweet search pictures and send out messages in hopes that, somehow, she might see.

Lauren’s boyfriend asked me to share “Everyone should just know how much I love her & how I’d give anything to have her back with me.” #KTFless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyMISSINGLaurenSpierer

Bloomington police Lt. Bill Parker said Tuesday that the department suspects foul play and has few leads. We’ll keep you posted as the story continues. More on the story here: