Seth MacFarlane should think about remaking the Flintstones with Peeps. (Brad Vogt)

Now, MacFarlane will have a chance to use the Stone Age duo in more than just quick clips: he’ll be helming a remake of the cartoon for Fox, as Comic Riffs Mike Cavna reports. It’ll likely air in 2013.

“I think America is finally ready for an animated sitcom about a fat, stupid guy with a wife who’s too good for him,” said MacFarlane in a statement to advertisers at the TV Upfronts in Manhattan.

While the Flintstones are the godfathers of most adult cartoon sitcoms, the show never swayed too far off its 1950s values with jokes centered around Fred’s laziness and his fights with neighbor Barney.

In MacFarlane’s comic universe, dogs with drinking problems try to seduce their owners’ wives. Babies hatch murderous plots against their mothers. Necrophiliac grim reapers take advantage of dead girls in the backseats of cars.

Is the world ready for MacFarlane’s take on the Flintstones?

Warning: Crass sexual innuendos at play in the following clip:

The most scandalous Flintstones clip may be this cigarette ad: